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Considering Adoption?

What is MicroCase?
MicroCase is statistical analysis software developed specifically for use in the social sciences. MicroCase uses an easy to learn interface and includes the basic statistics utilized in this title. For more than 15 years, the MicroCase Analysis Software has been used in classrooms - beginning at the freshman level (and often even in high schools) - to make statistical analysis accessible to any student. Instructors using the MicroCase software with their classes report that students are much more engaged and prepared in class. Since students have the data at their fingertips, and find the facts out for themselves, they are doing political science research - not just reading about it. Even better, all the information students need to learn the software, and understand the statistics, is integrated in their book. Students can complete their work independently, and you can use your class time teaching comparative politics - not software or statistics!

Download MicroCase today and give it a try! In less than 30 minutes you will see why Research Methods in Political Science Using MicroCase®, 6th edition is an invaluable addition to your curriculum.

Instructor Ancillaries

Go to the Instructor Companion Page at http://politicalscience.wadsworth.com to obtain a free network version of MicroCase. Install it in your school labs for your student's convenience.

To aid you in integrating Research Methods in Political Science Using MicroCase®, 6th edition into your class, we have also made the ShowCase Presentational Software available to you at no additional charge. Designed to conduct live analysis for groups of students ranging in size from 25 - 1000, this software displays the statistical results in graphics that can be seen from the back of the largest rooms - and uses the same data students receive with their books!


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